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Without question the grace and poise of a beautiful smile is the essence of facial expression. As a smile designer, our main objective is to revitalize your smile to the truest form. We believe we can redefine the infinite elegance and aesthetics that will give you the smile you deserve.

How would a beautiful smile make you feel? When you smile, does your smile reflect your confidence and self-esteem? Does it reflect your health, and personality? Is your smile bright and youthful or are your teeth discolored and worn? At Dr. Kiczenski's office, we work with patients to help them know the options they have to achieve the level of dental health that is appropriate to them.

The reason we ask how a beautiful smile would make you feel is because the question means different things to different people. For some patients, it means maintaining a healthy smile. For others, replacing missing teeth or getting fillings. And for some patients, it means having their smile designed to achieve the smile they've always wanted. In our practice, we work with the individual patient to meet their goals.

So, how would a beautiful smile make your feel?

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Together, you can discover the potential for your smile.